Our Impact

Niosha International Conservatory of Arts (NICA) is led by Niosha Nafei, who has nearly three decades of experience serving the Iranian arts and cultural community.

Over 25 years ago, Niosha Dance Academy was born under the vision and guidance of Niosha Nafei to serve the community by bringing the beautiful world of dance to stages small and large.  What began as a dance academy, resulted in numerous years of service to communities through the outlets of fundraising, building cultural awareness, and mentoring young people.   

Throughout the years, the individuals striving to make an impact with NICA have immense experience in spearheading and hosting events which aim to bring communities together, be it through art, philosophy, or cultural awareness with one goal in mind:  to bring unity amongst all so that all are one.   

Through supporting many organizations and groups working for the common good, and of course the numerous years spent working one-on-one with the younger generations, specifically girls, by using dance as a vehicle to promote greater self-esteem and self-care.  Her work has had a ripple effect, not only on the lives of her students, but in turn, her students influencing the lives around them through the principles learned in class.