We are on a mission to build

Unity through Art.

Niosha International Conservatory of Arts (NICA) is expanding love through art.


Our Mission

The mission of Niosha International Conservatory of Arts (NICA) is to promote the arts, culture and literature of local communities by providing access to various creative experiences such as
lessons in visual and performing arts, theatre production, music instruction, language classes, martial arts, and sports programs.

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Community Connections

NICA is proud to partner with incredible individuals, businesses, and organizations across the Bay Area and beyond to provide a portal for news, events, programs, and more in the community.

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NICA’s Impact

Niosha International Conservatory of Arts (NICA) was established in late 2017 with the goal of connecting individuals and communities through the arts. Over the past 28 years, Ms. Nafei-Jamali has taught nearly 1,500 children and adults the styles and traditions of Persian dance. She has produced and executed a multitude of staged productions and her performers are featured in many dance and cultural festivals. She has been a powerful voice within the Iranian-American community and remains focused on not just upholding Iranian culture and heritage, but unifying people of all cultures through art.




Over 25 years ago, Niosha Dance Academy was born under the vision and guidance of Niosha Nafei to serve the community by bringing the beautiful world of dance to stages small and large. What began as a dance academy, resulted in numerous years of service to communities through the outlets of fundraising, building cultural awareness, and mentoring young people.



Years hosting unifying events

Immense experience in spearheading and hosting events which aim to bring communities together, be it through art, philosophy, or cultural awareness with one goal in mind: to bring unity amongst all so that all are one.



Thousand individuals Impacted

Through supporting many organizations and groups working for the common good, and of course the numerous years spent working one-on-one with the younger generations.


Our Programs

Niosha International Conservatory of Arts (NICA) believes that art in its vast and varied forms is the unifier between people all over the globe. We aim to educate people in the community through classes, seminars, or exhibits for diferent form of arts.



Dance is a universal language! Everyone is welcome to dance. We want our children to be brought up in a community with social diversity and acceptance. The best way to build acceptance to diversity is by bringing everyone together sharing a common ground. Dance can do that for this community by offering a means for everyone to explore different cultures, ways of life, ideas, expressions, and thoughts.


Art education, in its most basic form, is an integral part of adding richness to our lives. The arts help connect people with their own culture as well as with the wider world. Aside from its ability to connect people, its also essential in helping people develop creative problem-solving skills and and helps with the development of motor skills, language skills, social skills, decision-making, risk-taking, and inventiveness.


Many people describe theatre as something magical and a truly extraordinary experience. The theatre not only gets people together in one place to enjoy a vibrant form of storytelling, but it allows us to share experiences of shows with one another. Theatre is an incredible way of bringing people together and ruminating on ideas individually, and sharing with our friends and family.


language & culture

Language and culture go hand-in-hand. They developed together and influenced each other as they evolved. When you interact with another language, it means that you are also interacting with the culture that speaks the language. You cannot understand one's culture without accessing its language directly.

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NICA Member STORY, 2019

A big thanks to organizations like NICA that bring art and culture together in order to bridge the borders that divide us.

Samin Afnani, NICA Member


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