3 Days, Over 100 Attendees, & Plenty of 'Eshgh' to Go Around!


For the entire weekend of July 12, NICA Foundation hosted an exclusive Art & Fashion Reveal in Pleasanton, CA , showcasing the beautiful, one of a kind work of Bahman Bennett of Southern California’s widely recognized Gallery Eshgh.


Over the span of three days, guests from all over the Bay arrived to support the arts, while enjoying delicious food, drinks and conversations, thus carrying out NICA’s mission of unifying cultures through the borderless world of art. Due to the generosity of all who made purchases and took a little piece of Eshgh home, NICA was able to raise close to $10,000 for its cause and production of the Story of Nowruz which takes stage in 2020.


The feedback was extremely positive, and we are working hard to bring the community many more such events which will provide a chance to not only learn how you can support NICA’s distinct work, but also a chance for us all to come together in the spirit of support and unity.

Please mark your calendars and join us for NICA’s next event on Tuesday, August 27 from 5 – 7pm at Albatross in Danville for the opportunity to meet the restaurant’s owner, Mehrasa Bagheri while we mingle over appetizers and wine.